New book coming soon … Goodreads For Authors

I’m happy to announce that my new book, ‘Goodreads for Authors’, will be published this week.

I have been researching and writing this book since late last year, with the help of the wonderful Anna Maria of Coo Farm Press. Anna is a researcher and proof-reader who has a passion for books. It makes it a lot more fun working with someone who really believes in books!

I’m now thoroughly in love with Goodreads. I had been a member for about a year, but with no understanding of how it worked or what I was really there for.

Having to study it for weeks has made me understand it and the ethos behind it, with the result that I’m now quite evangelistic about the site.

It was founded by Otis and Elizabeth Chandler in 2006. Otis loved looking at his friends’ bookshelves in their homes and wondered if it would be possible to set up a site which represented people’s bookshelves. The amazing result is Goodreads. People indicate the books they have read, or own, and give them a star rating – or write a review of them. They make friends on Goodreads (often friends from the physical world or other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter) and their friends can browse their virtual bookshelves.

It may not sound like fun but it really is! I have made contact with friends from years ago just by finding out that we have similar taste in books, and we’ve renewed contact.

There are also lots of contests and opportunities to win books in the Giveaway section.

For authors, who also tend to be book-lovers, it means that we can show our readers and potential readers what our reading choices are. We can also interact in book discussion groups – you’ll find me wittering on about Twlight! – and post videos, blog entries and more.

If you’d like to connect with me on Goodreads my URL is:

My book will be available on Amazon in Kindle format on February 20th and on other sites (and formats) at the end of March.

Goodreads for Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott

I have used my pre-marriage name for this book as it isn’t in my usual genre (children’s). I don’t want children looking for my books to have to wade through a load of stuff for authors!



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  1. Gerardo
    Mar 5, 2013

    Yes – makes us read the post! that’s what the book blogging is about right…reading? hahah ok now onto this entry form you spoke of…Oh by the way – no Amazon gift cards are not inotanatienrl. Amazon has sites for each country it services, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan etc – so you have to buy it from that specific site for it to apply to that country. Least I think that’s how it works.Pabkins of

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