MatchBook – great news for people who like paperbacks AND Kindles!

MatchBook – great news for people who like paperbacks AND Kindles!

MatchBook – Free/Discounted Kindle Books

Amazon have just written to authors to announce a new program they are calling MatchBook. It’s a fantastic idea – and one that my daughter has been asking them to introduce for over a year!

They are allowing publishers and authors to offer the Kindle versions of their books at a discount to anyone who buys the print versions.

This is fantastic news for both readers and authors. Authors will benefit from more downloads of their Kindle books – the more downloads you get, the higher up the bestseller rankings you rise, so more people see your books, so more sales.

Readers will benefit because they will be able to get Kindle versions of their favorite books at a much reduced cost – free in some cases.

I think this is the best news I’ve read in a long time and I’m very excited about it, as you can probably tell! Amazon are rolling out the program in the next couple of weeks and – here’s the best bit – it will be available for print books you have bought previously (if their publishers/authors enrol in the program).

PS – If you are an author and you don’t have your eBooks available as print editions yet, now is a great time to do that. You may be interested in my course on how to use CreateSpace, which is the quickest way of getting your book into print and listed on Amazon.


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