Is Goodreads good for non-fiction authors? question I get asked the most is, ‘Is Goodreads good for non-fiction authors?’. The perception is that the site is heavily fiction-biased.

So I took a few minutes to have a look at the groups, Recommendations Engine, and Giveaways to get some up-to-date figures.

There are 272 groups with a tag of ‘non-fiction’ and the Recommendations Engine serves up loads of non-fiction books as suggestions if you have a non-fiction shelf.

The Giveaways section is also interesting. It has more fiction than non-fiction but the non-fiction books attract just as many entries as the fiction books.

So I think we can safely say that Goodreads isn’t only good for fiction. There are a good – and growing – number of non-fiction titles (some of them world-wide bestsellers) and there is certainly an audience for them.

Here’s a video I posted to YouTube giving these statistics:

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