Goodreads for Authors course – whatever your learning style

Goodreads for authors course - whatever your learning styleBack in the day, I used to assess the students at the school I taught in to discover their brain’s preferred learning style.

They were generally split fairly equally – a third preferred visual learning (they need to see things in order to understand and remember them), a third preferred auditory learning (they needed to hear things in order to understand and remember them), and a third preferred kinaesthetic learning (they needed to move in order to understand what they were being taught, and remember it).

Kinaesthetic learners have been poorly served in many classrooms for years. It just isn’t practical much of the time.

Modern learning methods – especially online learning – have made great efforts to cater for all three main learning styles though. Digital courses can be controlled by the learner (making the kinaesthetic brain pay more attention), and can be seen (static images, writing, and video), and heard.

If you are relaxed and feel in control of your learning, and that learning caters to your brain’s preferred style of learning, you are much more likely to enjoy what you’re learning, understand it better, and remember it.

This helps everyone but especially the poor kinaesthetics, who have had to sit on their hands on classrooms for years!

I have been working hard to turn my book, ‘Goodreads for Authors’, into a digital course. I was fortunate to meet the very talented Cathy Presland, who has numerous digital courses available on the Udemy platform. She taught me the ropes and we created the course together.

Anyone joining the course gets lifetime access to its 7+ hours of instruction and it’s on a great, no pressure, dip-in-dip-out platform. That means you can just log in to get the information you need when you need it.

If you join, you’ll be able to ask us questions and receive quick answers, and will also be eligible for membership of our private Facebook group for authors. The group is fun, we all help, encourage, and promote each other, share tips and ideas, and discuss what’s working and what’s not in the ever-changing world of digital book promotion.

I hope you can join us.



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