Get your book on CreateSpace

Get your book on CreateSpaceIf you have published an eBook on Kindle and thought you didn’t need a paperback edition, you might want to think again.

Going to the cost – and risk – of printing multiple copies may not be a smart idea in the present economy, but print-on-demand is a great idea.

It can promote sales of your Kindle book because a paperback has to be more expensive in order for you to make any profit. The higher price makes the Kindle book look much better value!

Plus, you may make some paperback sales. Lots of people report a nice trickle of paperback sales, some even say it is around 50/50 paperback/eBook. Much depends on your book and its genre.

The other HUGE bonus of having a paperback is so that you can take advantage of Goodreads giveaways. These are only available for physical books. Giveaways are mini contests, hosted on the Goodreads website. The idea is that the winner(s) will post a review of the book. As we know, reviews sell books.

Scheduling a giveaway is quick and easy and you can have one with as little as one copy to give away. The average number of entries each giveaway gets is a massive 825! That’s 825 people seeing your book, many of them adding it to their shelves, and all their Goodreads friends (and possible their Facebook friends) seeing that in their update feed. Imagine what you would have to pay to get exposure like that! But giveaways are totally free, all you need to do is buy a minimum of one paperback copy of your book to give away.

However, many authors complain that the process of getting their book onto CreateSpace is time-consuming and confusing.

I found that too! I spent DAYS getting to know the system, the way they want books formatted, and paying for proof copies, only to have to change things again.

So I created a course that shows how to format your book step-by-step, taking away all that hassle and hair-pulling! It also includes information about how to sign up on CreateSpace, ISBNs, image and copyright issues, and more.

You can find it here: Double Your Royalties – Learn how to get your book on CreateSpace