Do You Struggle To Get Up In The Mornings?

Do You Struggle To Get Up In The Mornings?

I recently wrote an article on Hubpages on how to get up early in the mornings. I have been staggered at the number of people who have approached me saying that they suffered from the same thing as I used to – snooze button syndrome.

The biggest cause seems to be disruption of circadian rhythms and trying to force ourselves to wake in the middle of a sleeping cycle.

My article goes into more detail but here are some quick facts:

  • The average sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes. If you try to wake in the middle of one, you will really struggle to come to consciousness. You will feel fuzzy and disoriented and find it very difficult to get going.
  • Working out how long you need to sleep is one of the best things you can do to help. You need either seven and a half hours or nine hours sleep, not the usually-prescribed eight hours because that would wake you in the middle of a sleep cycle.
  • Eliminating night-time lights from the bedroom can really help.
  • Reducing the amount of time you spend on computers or watching TV in the evenings can also help.
  • Taking a glass of water to bed with you is a good trick. If you wake in the night, drink some and hopefully your full bladder will propel you out of bed next morning!

My most productive time for writing is early mornings as the house is quiet and my brain isn’t full of other clutter vying for attention. Getting up early was a huge problem for me until I started using the free software Flu.x on my laptop, stopping using my iPhone in bed and covering lights in the bedroom (they were everywhere! DVD player, air purifier, house alarm control box and my alarm clock). I also make sure to set my alarm for about seven and a half hours after I expect to fall asleep. As I tend to take about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep, I can work this out quite accurately.

My biggest trick is the glass of water though. If the alarm ever breaks, I know my bladder will wake me!


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