A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Just in case you were wondering, here are a few of the people who keep me chuckling.

Here’s my gorgeous man, Andrew (with bovine friend):

Andrew & Daisy

He’s from Yorkshire and he’s also a writer, part-time. He writes great children’s books for younger readers (especially The Charlie Tractor Stories) and has almost completed his first grown-up novel! Like most writers, he has had numerous careers in his lifetime. He qualified as an electrician (very handy as I frequently blow things up), has run a building and landscaping company, done taxiing and mountain rescue. He now works in Health & Safety, but you wouldn’t guess that if you saw him driving.

We met online! Bit of a risk but it turned out great.

This is my son, Josh. He’s an Innovation Manager, which means alsorts of Internet Marketing and research stuff that I don’t fully understand but try to nod politely and look like I’m following him when he tells me about it.

He is a worship leader in a church, which is what he’s doing in the photo (the middle one at the front with the 70s hairstyle – don’t get me started!).

Josh with his band

This is my daughter Anna Maria. She is a part-time model, part-time Avon lady, full-time book lover. She has been hounding our local branches of Waterstones for a job. She may as well, all her money goes to them anyway, it would be just cutting out the middle man. She was told by a lovely lass in the Waterstones at the Trafford Centre that the new guy in charge of Waterstones uses the skills of his staff. If they are students, he gives them the buying responsibilities for the books in their subject. The girl we spoke to was doing primary education at university, and she is now the buyer for books for Waterstones younger readers.

This got Anna’s attention! She has strong views on books and how they are placed in bookshops. She has a Kindle but still loves ‘proper’ books. She says she is horrified by the placement of some of them. Books from the same author tend to be placed together. So if an author has written some teenage books and then goes on to write a book only suitable for much older readers, the book gets placed with the teenage books. Anna wants to be put in charge of the teenage vampire stuff!

The photo shows her at our archery club. For vegetarians, we pick strange hobbies!

Anna at archery

This is my lovely Mum, Colette. She used to be a singer, with the big bands in the 60’s. She was the resident singer at a venue in Liverpool and left when she got married. A few weeks later a record label scout popped in and signed up the girl who replaced her … Petula Clark.

She doesn’t have any regrets though. She enjoyed it while she did it but was then glad to let it go and start her family – me!


I should have a photo of my Dad as well but can’t find one. Will have to pop down to see him with a camera.

This is a photo that I keep on my iPhone to look at if ever I can’t sleep. It never fails to make me yawn and get me sleepy. I do hope you aren’t reading this before having to do something energetic!

Yawn - author Michelle Booth's trick for combatting insomnia

The photo that is featured at the top of this page is of two eggs from our hens. We have two Light Sussex, a Warrener and two ex caged hens. It is such a joy to rehome ex caged hens, the look on their faces when they first see grass and freedom is wonderful. Of course, they are the very, very lucky ones. Ours were rescued by plucky Alison at LuckyHens Rescue. She tells me that it is heartbreaking going to do the rescues as she can only take so many and all the rest are destroyed because of the public’s desire for cheap eggs.

I stopped buying supermarket eggs years ago when I heard that it was sometimes the supermarkets themselves who insisted on the hens being destroyed at the age of 18 months. So sad.

On a lighter note, the egg on the left is Bunty’s, our huge head hen. She produces large eggs and occasional mammoth ones. When she was little she was picked on by the girls who were top of the pecking order and we thought she would do the same when she got to be the top of the pack. Not so, she is still the sweetest thing and likes nothing more than a cuddle with Mum before bed.

Unless there are worms involved … then she’ll trample anyone who gets in her way!

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  1. Michelle x
    Nov 20, 2012

    Postscript: Bunty died today. No regrets. She had a long, happy life bok-boking with her friends and getting cuddles from her humans. She enjoyed being watched over by our hen dog, Ailsa, who regularly chased cats away from getting too close to ‘her’ hens. Bunty passed while sitting under her favourite big bamboo bush, surrounded by her friends. Not a bad way to go. RIP Bunts.

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